Watch the runways you have probably noticed a rising trend for spring and summer of stacking everything from rings to bracelets and even necklaces.  Emporio Armoni and Chanel models hit the runways with iridescent cuffs, leather watches, bangles in silver and brightly colored leather.  These trends are hitting the streets as we speak.  See how the Killian Jewelry bracelets stack up!  

Killian Jewelry essential bracelets stack well together and with just about anything!  Stack with a watch, stack with multiple other Killian Jewelry bracelets, mix leather and silver, or stack with your favorite charm bracelet.  There is no such thing as too much, so pile it on and stack as many as you want.  Below are a few tips we have put together.

  1. Pick your essential bracelet you want to be the focal piece.  This piece is the one you want to showcase the most facettes on.   
  2. Choose your supporting pieces and begin to mix different textures.  For example, if your focal piece is a leather or multi-leather bracelet, start to add in the sterling silver mesh or the milanese mesh on either side.  These pieces should have 1-3 facettes on them.  
  3. If you want to add some bold volume, the multi-leather works great for this.  
  4. Try to add balance by playing with the amount of facettes on your bracelet.
  5. Only wear bracelets on one arm to make a bigger statement.
  6. Pair with your watch or favorite charm bracelet to add even more texture.
  7. You can choose a color theme or mix it up, both angles work!

Wendy Sorquist
Wendy Sorquist


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