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April 24, 2015

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I knew from the beginning that I wanted to utilize brilliantly cut gemstones.  It was important that we used genuine materials but at the same, artistically designed, affordable and approachable. That was the base of the line.  

We landed on 15 unique sizes and shapes of stones.  I wanted women to be able to create gem-stone studded creations so the line was really designed to enable individual creative expression.  

 We merchandised the line into 5 color palettes with 13 different facette styles to choose from.  

I am inspired by my family, nature and the beauty of everyday life.


The ocean was a particularly powerful muse.  Luminous blue and green waters under impressionist stormy sunsets inspired the Blue Topaz and Mint Quarts Collections.  The centerpiece gems in these collections are dazzling expressions of the colors and emotions the sea represents, wearing them makes me feel connected to its elemental nature.

The branding was inspired by my own watercolor painting and love of art.  We were able to incorporate the peaches and pinks into all of the packaging.

Helping women feel their most beautiful is a true calling.  

Killian Rieder
Killian Rieder


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January 06, 2019

Will you be replenishing stock soon? I was given a bracelet with a single bar and would like to add to the bracelet. Great Valentine gift ideas for our daughter as well. She has a ruby birthstone. Any blue sapphires our anniversary is September.

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